trends in management accounting discussion

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) has a series of YouTube Videos on Trends in Management Accounting. We will continue to review and discuss some of these trends to learn about developments in this field for discussions in this course.

Listen to the following two videos in the IMA series:


Comment and expand on a topic discussed in the video and provide a real world example from the news or your own experience. In addition, make some concluding remarks about the seven changes discussed in this series.

Double space

APA Format

Reference credible sources only

The following resources are not acceptable for this course, keep in mind, there are many others:

Cokins, G. (2014). 7 Trends in Management Accounting – Trend 6.. Retrieved from

Cokins, G. (2014). 7 Trends in Management Accounting – Trend 7.Retrieved from

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