cloud computing 10 2


Discuss the Single Sign-On (SSO) implementation pros and cons?

from chapter 10 the pdf is posted below

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quot act local quot please respond to the following 2

Based on the lecture and Webtext materials, address the following:

  • Select one (1) developing country, and discuss the fundamental actions that the leadership of the selected country is — or is not — taking to improve the living standards of its people. Next, using this same country, cite one (1) specific example of progress or regress that its government is making in terms of the economy, the political system, and the environment.
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case scenario 6


The defendant is a forty-year-old, single, black female charged with a first-degree assault. Specifically, she is alleged to have splashed liquid fire, a liquid drain cleaner, onto another woman’s face, thus incidentally splashing five bystanders. Per the court order you received, Ms. Tyler was referred some time after the alleged crime for evaluation of her criminal responsibility. Her competency to stand trial (CST) was also at issue. At the time of the evaluation, Ms. Tyler was being held at the Southern County Detention Center. You met with Ms. Tyler. The defendant was informed that the results of the evaluation will be released to the court and that the results may be used against her in the court. Ms. Tyler gave her written consent to be evaluated.

Psychosocial History:

Only limited information is available regarding Ms. Tyler’s background. She is a lifetime resident of the state. Her mother died of cancer at the age of seventy-nine years. Her father, L. Defendant, is eighty-four years old and is a retired farmer. Ms. Tyler has five living sisters, four living brothers, and two deceased siblings. Three of her sisters have received inpatient psychiatric treatment. One sister lives in Close Town, one in Europe with her husband who is in the military, and one sister died in a drowning accident. One brother committed suicide by hanging himself. There is no history of psychiatric problems among the other brothers.

Ms. Tyler has completed the tenth grade. She is literate. Ms. Tyler has worked on an assembly line for five years until 1988 when the factory closed. She then did an office-cleaning job. Her reasons for leaving this position are vague. She was unemployed for several years and was supported by her family. She lives in rent-free government housing. Her church pastor, A. Reverend, arranged for her to get employment at Helpful Industries through a vocational office at the State Psychiatric Hospital. She was employed at Helpful Industries for approximately two months prior to the incident. Ms. Tyler has never married. She has a thirteen-year-old son who lives with his father.

Psychiatric History:

Ms. Tyler denies any previous psychiatric treatment. Family members and individuals who know Ms. Tyler state that she has a long history of psychiatric symptoms such as loose associations and persecutory delusions. Ms. Tyler’s sister, Ms. Sister, reports that Ms. Tyler has been violent in the past, threatening her niece with a knife. Her emotional difficulties were also apparently common knowledge among her congregation. As stated above, Ms. Tyler has a positive family history for psychiatric illness. Ms. Tyler is currently on haloperidol, an antipsychotic medication.

Ms. Tyler denies any alcohol or substance abuse. She states that she has one previous arrest for prostitution in 1975. She spent six months in jail for this offense.

Report of the Crime:

When asked to report what happened, Ms. Tyler states, “It happened so fast, I just remember, I threw it on her. I didn’t mean to.” She continues, “I threw liquid fire on her. She always caused me trouble . . . She picked with me all the time . . . Sometimes she would step on my feet. I did not mean to do it, it happened so quick I did not understand myself. That morning when I went to church, I was standing by a table and she came over, starting trouble with me . . . Came over and said my name.”

Ms. Tyler was guarded in her responses, and at one point, she asked what the court would do with her if she said, “just didn’t know why I did it.” Her report conflicts with several eyewitness reports. All the eyewitnesses who were interviewed claimed that Ms. Tyler yelled at Ms. Mobly. Mr. Witness 1 states that Ms. Tyler approached Ms. Mobly and said, “I’m getting sick and tired of you picking on me every day at church.” He states that she then started splashing Ms. Mobly with the drain cleaner. Ms. Witness 2’s account is similar. She states, “As soon as Ms. Mobly entered, Ms. Tyler grabbed her purse and started throwing the solution on her saying ‘told you I was gonna get you. I’m tired of you getting me in trouble.'”

Ms. Witness 3’s report of the incident is also similar. Additionally, Ms. Witness 3 states that Ms. Tyler would frequently deny making threats when confronted with an issue, claiming that she did not make such a threat or did not remember making it. Ms. Witness 3 also states that Ms. Tyler reported experiencing auditory hallucinations telling her to get people. However, Ms. Tyler has consistently denied hallucinations.


In a 8- to 10-page report, analyze this case and address the following to the best of your abilities:

  • What tests or assessments would you recommend to provide a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of Ms. Tyler?
  • Provide diagnostic impressions based upon the case and the tests you have recommended. Provide an explanation or a rationale for how you arrived at this diagnosis.
  • What are the psycholegal issues to be assessed? What are the standards used to evaluate these issues (i.e., discuss the relevant court decisions and holdings)?
  • What tests should be administered and why? What is the empirical support for the tests you have suggested?
  • What other information do you need to offer an opinion on whether Ms. Tyler is competent to stand trial?
  • What other information do you need to offer an opinion as to whether Ms. Tyler met the legal criteria for insanity at the time of the offense?
  • What outcomes do you expect will be reached by the court with regard to these issues and why?
  • What are the potential ethical issues involved in this case? How would you resolve these issues?

Use resources from professional literature in your analysis. Professional literature may include relevant textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (.edu, .org, or .gov).

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23 follow the requirements to write a 1200 words research report 1

Follow the requirements to write a 1200 words research report. The topic is “Gender income inequality”. You must follow the model I gave to you exactly, the structure has to be totally same. There was a diagram already which has to be used. And you still need to find another one related to the your perspectives. You must use 2 sources in your introduction paragraph, and totally 8 sources for you literature review paragraph. And in your literature review paragraph, you must use 4 sources on the point of education, and 4 sources on the point o gender discrimination. Please read those attachments carefully. All the work has to be original and totally followed the requirements. If you have any questions, please tell me. Thank you!!

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planning for change in an organization report 2

**Grading guide is attached. Include headings throughout.**

Consider an existing organization you are familiar with, such as an employer, or a company for which you would like to work that operates under a traditional management model. The company’s new CEO is looking to grow the company into a sustainable organization. In her initial evaluation, the CEO realizes that the traditional management approach is not compatible with being sustainable and wants to explore integrating a Corporate Social Responsibility program as an initial step to becoming a sustainable organization.

Create a 1,400-word change management brief or report.

Explain how change management, in the context of Lewin’s or Kotter’s model (select only one), can help the organization become a socially-responsible organization.

Apply Lewin’s or Kotter’s model and outline the following:

  • Define the project goals in the context of change management.
  • Propose an action plan for creating change.
  • Establish how progress will be measured.
  • Determine how performance will be validated.

Include at least four references.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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the job application and letters

provide information on intellepath 3 in business professional class

provide all the requirement about the missing intellepath 3in business professional class

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can you answer these

Please answer these question only using the information below to describe this character. Attached is your character’s resume.

An English major with a slight obsession with American football. She loves all styles of books but is particularly fascinated by romance and mysteries. She enjoys singing songs ranging from pop, rock and country. When she is not studying, she works as a babysitter (8 years experience) and a substitute teacher (2 years experience). Last summer, she went overseas to Thailand to help teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) for a month.

She enjoys sports, mostly watching but would participate in volleyball and softball.

She is not very crafty/artistic but is more than willing to try.

When working with others, she is more than willing to work in a group to get different ideas from her peers.

However, she is quite shy and reserved at first and takes time to warm up to others. She is nice and can get along with almost anyone so working together will never cause problems.

Your character loves working with kids so she decided to apply to become a summer camp counselor at a camp in Italy where you not only get the experience of a summer camp, but get to teach the children English as well in a fun and interactive way. Answer the questions below to help her fill out her application. Please write at least 2 sentences per answer.

1) Create a tweet (140 characters or less) that best represents your character .

2) Please tell us about any previous work or voluntary experiences you have been involved in?

3) Why would you be a good English Camp Counselor?

Morning Warm-Up: We sing camp songs and play some running games to get the children awake and active.

4) Please explain one fun, outdoor game that could be used during morning warm-up (e.g. Hot Dog Tag, Dead Ant Tag etc.) and 2 fun camp songs you can teach the children. Please describe the game and songs to the best of your knowledge.

5) List an interactive classroom activity you can use to teach an English grammar point. E.g. Charades: for teaching gerunds

(–ing) running

6) During a camp day there are a couple of breaks when then children can eat their snack and are free to play. What would you do during the break?

In the afternoon the campers come together and there are activities in teams. The activities can be anything from a sport you play in your country to a game you invented!

7) Please describe an activity you could teach one afternoon at the English Summer Camp:

8) We play a game where the children have to decide in their groups who is the biggest or best at different activities (e.g. Who can do the best air guitar or who has the longest hair). List two creative categories you could use for your group.

9) Describe two original Arts & Crafts activities that you could do with the children at the camp as an afternoon activity (Keep in mind, your character is not the best at arts and crafts) :


1) Counselors work with each other before and during camp. What do you find most difficult in working with your peers? How would/do you handle this difficulty?

2) There is a training prior to camp. What topics do we need to be sure to cover to make you feel more comfortable in your role as an English Summer Camp counselor?

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Research the drug “Neupogen”. Define what it is, how it works and the reasons why a person may have to take this medication.

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social problem analytic framework human trafficking essay 1

In this assignment, you will access the “Social Problem Analytic Framework: Human Trafficking” worksheet to assist you in completing the essay.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.

Submit the assignment to your instructor by the end of Topic 3.

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answer these following questions 3

these are questions are taken from from a book called the shawl. The answers can be short and effective or depending on how much we need to explain. I attached the material that is needed for the assignment.

The questions :

  1. How old is Rosa at this point? Has she remarried and had other kids?
  2. What did she do for a living? What happened to her business/source of income?
  3. Where was Rosa living and where did she move? What are her living conditions like? Why do you think she lives the way that she does?
  4. Where is Stella and what is her relationship like with Rosa?
  5. Do you agree with Cynthia Ozick’s idea that Stella is “an equal victim with Rosa” and that “Stella has become a ghost or a phantom of all of Rosa’s fears and terrible traumatic memories?”
  6. On p.24, there is a description of Rosa and how she cares for herself. What do you make of that?
  7. Why is Rosa so upset when she loses her underwear at the laundromat? Do you find the situation humorous? Why or why not?
  8. Who is Simon Persky and why does Rosa decide to trust Simon Persky? Is his occupation significant to his character?
  9. What does Rosa mean when she tells Persky, “Your Warsaw isn’t my Warsaw” (19, 22). How are their backgrounds different? How are they similar?
  10. What do you think Persky’s comment to Rosa, “You can’t live in the past?” (23)
  11. What do you make of the attention Persky gives to Rosa? Why does he pursue her?
  12. How does Stella’s life mirror Rosa’s? How is it different? What does this suggest about their relationship?
  13. What role does Dr. Tree play in the novella? Are there people today who might act like Dr. Tree? Can you sympathize with Rosa’s hatred for him?
  14. Why does Rosa reject labels like “survivor” and “refugee” in favor of “human being?”
  15. What package does Rosa eagerly await and why is this so important?
  16. What does the shawl symbolize to Rosa? To Magda? To Stella?
  17. Analyze the following characters, comparing and contrasting how they cope with trauma: Celie, Rosa, Stella, Nettie.
  18. What are the similarities in setting with “Rosa” (2nd half of The Shawl) and “The Story of an Hour”? Any other similarities beyond setting?
  19. What other story or stories can you make connections with? What are those connections?
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