transcultural health and wellness

How does the culture of an organization influence and affect employees, as well as the quality of care provided? Support your response with at least one scholarly.journal reference 250-400 words

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stocks exchange in gcc countries

prepare a report that is related to Stock Exchanges in GCC Countries.

The report must include the following:

3.1 Introduction:

3.2 Research Questions:

3.3 Hypothesis:

3.4 Research Methodology:

3.5 Research Design:

3.6 Population and Sampling:

3.7 Instrumentation:

3.8 Data Collection:

3.9 Data Analysis:

3.10 Reliability & Validity:

3.11 Summary of Methodology:

** Citation & Referencing using Harvard Style.

** NOTE: the following parts has been done for the study and it will be attached once the tutor is selected.

(background/problem statement/objectives/scope/literature review)

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pad 599 public administration capstone

“Public Administration and My Role” Please respond to the following:

  • Imagine that you are applying for a position in the agency you reviewed in any of the two e-Activities. Describe the agency and the specific role for which you are applying and the challenges you see the agency facing.
  • Explain two or three reasons you would be of value to the agency in meeting those challenges.
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can you assist me please 3

Please carefully review the checklist prior to submitting assignment

  1. Did I read all the instructions? Some of the assignments require outside reading, or must be posted to the discussion area. It is essential that you understand what is required and where to submit it.
  2. Did I answer the question asked, and all its parts? Sometimes the question is close to another topic that may be of more interest, but that is not the question asked. Please limit the discussion to the question presented, being sure to address all facets of the question.
  3. Did I read, re-read and edit my assignment to check for and correct spelling errors, grammatical errors and typos? There is a big difference between a lack of vitamin A, and a lake of vitamin A, while both would be quite harmful only one would apply to your discussion topic. Read your essay aloud, it should flow smoothly and make sense to anyone in the room.
  4. Did I meet the minimum word requirement? Most of the assignments have a recommended minimum word requirement to encourage a thorough exploration of the topic. Expand the discussion to include more of the chapter, more of the vocabulary, and wow me with your knowledge, while avoiding filler and repetition.

The checklist will be used in evaluating the assignment so if you wish to earn the best possible grade, carefully review the checklist as it applies to your assignment.

Question week 8:

Explain the mechanisms by which consuming a diet rich in vitamin C may help protect against lung cancer and stomach cancer. Be sure to define antioxidants, free radicals, and their role as they relate to the development or prevention of cancer. Does it make a difference if the antioxidants come from supplements or food?


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six rules for effective forecasting discussion 350 words minimum

What are the critical factors or rules for effective forecasting? How are these used in your organization or an organization with which you are familiar, or which of them might prove beneficial and why?

Use link below:…

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discuss the law of conservation of momentum 1

In a thousand words or more, discuss the law of conservation of momentum. Must have at least three sources for references with proper citation in APA format with a references page.

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computer science c


I have a question regarding this exercise. How would you rewrite the if-else statement on the exercise using a while loop? (Question 5)


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supervision amp leadership supervisor job description

MGT-337 Supervision & Leadership

W1 Assignment – Supervisor Job Description

Two Parts to this assignment:

Part I:

Answer the DQ in 50 words or more (be specific):

Describe a time when you experienced a communication breakdown either in giving or receiving direction on a work-related task. Explain what was misunderstood and how the issue could have been avoided.

Part II:

Assignment: Supervisor Job Description

Complete the following assignment in a paper of approximately 750 words:

Create a job description for the role of supervisor of a customer service call center. Include the following sections:


Include a minimum of two scholarly sources.

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domestic and economic policy

Discussion Introduction/Overview

A close examination of the Article II of the Constitution (Executive Branch) suggests that the founding fathers, leery of tyrannical monarchs, deliberately made vague the powers and responsibility of the president. Yet the institution of the presidency has grown, over time. This expansion of presidential power and the growth of the federal bureaucracies, through executive interpretation of Article II of the Constitution, is a dominant feature of the modern presidency.

The growth of modern presidential power coincides with the growth of the federal budget. Every year the Office of Management and Budget provides a detailed summary of the President’s proposed budget. You can review the federal budget.

The federal budget spends close to four trillion dollars a year. The federal budget is split between mandatory (what the federal government has to spend due to congressional legislation) and discretionary spending (what the federal government spends as a result of congressional allotment). Roughly speaking, mandatory spending accounts for two-thirds of the federal budget and discretionary spending accounts for one-third of the federal budget.

Directions: If you were an economic adviser to the president of the United States how would you adjust the federal budget to address your concerns regarding federal, domestic spending?

  • Select two federal departments, administrations, or agencies detailed in the President’s proposed budget
  • Within the Table of Contents of the President’s proposed budget you will see a list of all the federal departments, administrations, and agencies.
  • In light of growing federal deficits, make specific arguments for deficit spending or cuts within each selected department, administration, or agency.

Add reference

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unit 4 db management

Many discussion opportunities come up where you need to respond to other people’s opinions and comments. Respond to your Discussion topic after you have completed your Reading.

Facility Design

Operations managers must be concerned with more than final outcomes (the final product or service delivered). They must be involved in determining the processes used to develop and create the final product and how they can be created or manufactured within the current capacities of the organization.

Successful organizations appear complex because they are made up of a multitude of different departments with each having a specific responsibility in the creation and delivery of the final product or service.

For this Discussion, you will need to conduct research on capacity and facilities before you can prepare a complete response to the questions asked. Start this research by reviewing the Web Field Trip resources below.

Web Field Trip

The below relate to your Discussion topic for this week. Please spend some time reviewing these websites before you compose your response.

Store design & construction. (2016). Retrieved from

Phillips, T. (2016). Phillips enterprises, Inc. Food market designs. Retrieved from

How to Layout Your Supermarket

Discussion topic

Be sure each of the questions below is addressed. Address each question individually and be careful not to combine your questions and answers:

  1. Identify a supermarket/grocery market to discuss for this Discussion topic.
  2. What departments within the market tend to be co-located (adjacent to one another)? Do you believe the co-location is planned? If so, why?
  3. What departments within the market tend to be distant from one another? What purpose is accomplished by separating these departments so far apart from each other?
  4. Why is the layout of the supermarket so important to the overall delivery of the products and services provided?
  5. What recommendations would you make to the layout of the supermarket to make the layout more effective or efficient?
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