strategic management assignment 13

Please watch the video and answer the questions attached to this

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organizational homework questions 1

Instructions and assigned reading is below. This assignment is a pretty simple on. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know.

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can you answer all questions 2

  • You should answer all questions with substance and insight AND strongly connects to course concepts and resources.I will post the Readings & Resources.
  • You must use correct conventions for grammar, spelling, and punctuation; avoids most slang AND cites all sources used to develop posts.
  • Please see all sources before answering the questions

4.Reference should be made to the attached sources during the answer to the questions

Productivity Tools Review

ISTE-E 2.c. Model for colleagues the identification, exploration, evaluation, curation and adoption of new digital resources and tools for learning.

This week, we focus on Productivity in a Digital World. A significant part of this is using digital tools to enhance our productivity. Your task is to share your experience with digital productivity tools. Alternatively, use this is an opportunity to explore tools to try and review one for us!

Please include the following in your initial post:

  • Name of the tool and where to find it
  • Cost (if there are free and premium versions, let us know this and how they differ)
  • Description of the tool, and specifically how it enhances teacher productivity – refer to the standard’s performance indicators
  • An example of how you use it (or how you would use it if it’s new to you)

5.Any other relevant notes to consider

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global health care workforce 11

Support your responses with a rationale.

  • Why is it important to have an adequate supply of registered nurse in the US and throughout the world?
  • What is social justice and how does it apply to the nursing profession?
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run solver excel equation model hw5…

1. (Chapter 7 in Edition 4 – Question 36) Add a new stock, stock 4, to the model in Example 7.9. Assume that the estimated mean and standard deviation of return for stock 4 are 0.125 and 0.175, respectively. Also, assume the correlations between stock 4 and the original 3 stocks are 0.3, 0.5, and 0.8. Run Solver on the modified model, where the required expected portfolio return is again 0.12. Is stock in the optimal portfolio? Then run SolverTable as in the example. Is stock 4 in any of the optimal portfolios on the efficient frontier?

2. (Chapter 7 in Edition 4 – Question 54) A company manufactures two products. If it charges price pi for product i, it can sell qi units of product i, where q1 = 60 − 3p1 + p2 and q2 = 80 − 2p2 + p1. It costs $5 to produce a unit of product 1 and $12 to produce a unit of product 2. How many units of each product should the company produce, and what prices should it charge, to maximize its profit?

3. (Chapter 8 in Edition 4 – Question 15: Classification) Review Section 8.8 on Clustering Analysis. The file P08-15.xlsx contains the following information about the top 25 MBA programs (according to the 1997 Business Week Guide): percentage of applicants accepted, percentage of accepted applicants who enroll, mean GMAT score of enrollees, mean undergraduate GPA of enrollees, annual cost of school (for state schools, this is the cost for out-of-state students), 1 percentage of students who are minorities, percentage of students who are non-U.S. residents, and mean starting salary of graduates (in thousands of dollars). Use these data to divide the top 25 schools into 4 clusters using the clustering approach in Section 8.8. Then interpret your clusters.

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a summary about poem and one paragraph form discussions

Write a brief summary ( just the story events of the poem ) and a paragraphs on ONE of the discussion and writing topic questions on Page 206 using the vocabulary from the chapter. Use the past tense to tell the story. However, you say, “The poet writes that…” present tense

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ems unit iv journal

  • As you consider your partners and co-workers throughout your career, do you think that there were activities or situations that might have been considered or perceived as sexual harassment? Do you feel that there can or should be exceptions because of the nature of the profession (long hours, close working conditions, co-ed teams) and the types of stressors that EMS personnel have to deal with? Why, or why not?

    Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.

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webassign homework 9

I have two online homework

the first one has 10 questions

the second one has 16 questions

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qualitative data analysis assignment apa format a must

1. APA format, Must follow instruction page.

Instructor Instruction Video…

Qualitative Data Analysis Assignment

As you have found through the reading, study, and assignments in this course, there are several designs within qualitative research. Selecting the appropriate design for the research topic is important. To correctly execute qualitative research, after a design is selected and data is collected, calculative and intentional data analysis is the next step. Finally, the qualitative researcher must present the data in a way that adequately conveys the findings and compares findings to published literature. This assignment will give you some experience with analyzing qualitative data on a small scale.

After reviewing the Reading & Study material for the module, address the following in a paper in current APA format:

Introduction (1–2 pages)

Statement of the problem

  • This section should include a clearly articulated problem statement and should be directly linked to/aligned with the research question(s)
  • Why did the study need to be done?

Purpose of the study and how study will be delimited

  • What was the intent of the study?
  • What delimiters were put in place to manage the size and scope? Who/what will be excluded and why?

The research question(s)

  • What was the study seeking to answer?
  • The research question should be able to be answered via the type of data collected
  • Qualitative research questions begin with “What,” “How,” or “Why”
  • Hint: The research question is different from the interview questions. Do not provide the interview questions here.

Procedures (1–2 pages)

Qualitative research strategy

  • What design is most appropriate for the problem statement/research question?
  • What was the researcher (you) responsible for (what you did to collect data and analyze it in this course)?
  • How does personal bias impact the study?

Role of the researcher

Data collection procedures

  • What steps did you take to collecting and analyzing data (think recipe card)
  • Hint: Refer to Discussion Board on Validity and Reliability
  • What ethical issues may arise specific to the topic and research approach?
  • Include a paragraph in this section with your prescribed approach to these issues supported by scripture

Strategies for validating findings

Anticipated Ethical Issues (2 paragraphs)

Emergent Theme Analysis and Discussion (5–8 pages)


  • What are the emergent themes in the journal entries you selected? Provide a name for each theme, a description of the meaning of each theme, and evidence (i.e. quote excerpts) of each theme.
  • What are the emergent themes in the letters to prospective students you selected? Provide a name for each theme, a description of the meaning of each theme, and evidence (i.e. quote excerpts) of each theme.
  • What are the emergent themes in the interviews you conducted? Provide a name for each theme, a description of the meaning of each theme, and evidence (i.e. quote excerpts) of each theme.
  • What themes are common across the journal entries, letters, and interviews? Remember, the themes should answer the research question.
  • How do these themes compare or contrast with the sources you analyzed for the literature review?
  • What are the implications of these themes for practitioners and researchers?


Dear Doctoral Student:

First, the administration seeks to congratulate you on your admission to the Doctor of business administration (D.B.A) program. We are pleased to acquit you with the necessary knowledge you will need to delve into your future and attain success. We are proud to inform you as well that the congratulatory message comes not only from me but from the other members of the faculty. We are all proud that you chose to partake in this stage in life for which we wish you the best of success. Your decision in undertaking the D.B.A program is exiting and one that grants any individual undertaking the course many career options. This is a course that professionals and educators consider while looking to advance their skills and education. To undertake in the course faith learning and integration is a vital aspect in your search for honesty, morality, and reason. These three components will aid you immensely in your next step in life both at the institution level and in your personal and social life. More so, you will be able attain social as well as spiritual development from the faith learning and integration. Motivation in this regard as well as perseverance will be necessary to succeed in the doctoral business program. It is important to avoid burning the midnight oil to extremes in such a manner that you are tired and can barely concentrate even on trivial matters therein. For this reason I will advise you on integrating a schedule to help with management of your time. Engaging in social activities and making sure you are well rested after the day’s activities will ascertain that you are always well prepared.

In case the intensity of the program becomes overwhelming in such a manner that it affects concentration in other platforms such as the social and personal life making it harder to manage all the aspects in equal measures. I advocate for adopting some stress management strategies that will help in mental and psychological relaxation allowing for you to engage whatever platform with a clear mental state. Clarity and a relaxed state of the mind will allow you to make informed decisions that do not affect your life in general. A relaxed mind will also ensure that your concentration as well as that of other students is optimized to guarantee success. Some of the stress management techniques you could master include meditation, exercising, journaling and choosing to undertake in hobbies and activities that you love and ones that positively impact the mind. The program is often engaging and exciting and therefore the students under D.B.A do not feel a sense of neglect while completing their studies. However, in spite of this it is profitable to incorporate oneself in a support network that will offer you support in balancing the academic and social life in order to ensure that you achieve the best from the doctoral program. It is prudent that you look into our website for more detailed information on the program and otherwise as well as the daily encouragement, APA, and any other writing resources that will guide you in your journey. In any case if you have questions and enquiries feel free to contact me directly.

Sincerely, Frances


(1) Interviews (attached)

(2) Letter to Doctoral Student (Attached)

(3)Collective Themes and Relationship to Literature Review (Found in Interview)

The Research question to Interview

What is the impact of family support on the doctoral persistence among the International students pursuing doctoral programs?

The persons to interview

The quality of data collected reflects the quality of the results and conclusions. Thus, the ability to select the right people for the interview is critical in obtaining the best results. In some case, individuals and groups have failed in their studies due to the failure to identify the most appropriate sources to interview. In that regard, to accomplish this, I will interview the following three groups; a) current full-time doctoral students from abroad b) former doctoral students from abroad who completed their course c) doctoral students from abroad who have to spend more than the time they were stipulated to have finished their studies but are yet to complete.

From the beginning, the primary focus of this study is to investigate the impact of family support among international students who are undertaking degree programs. In that regard, the first that I would contact is full time international doctoral students. These students perfectly understand the demands that are placed on international students and the manner in which the support from the family contributes to their persistence in pursuit of the doctoral programs.

Recently graduated international doctoral students; these former students have a rich foundation of knowledge regarding the life of international students. The lives of international students are very complicated in America. The individuals have an understanding of the impact of family support to the individuals seeking doctoral programs. The individuals would provide a background on the manner and form of support that they received from their families and the extent to which such an eventuality affects academic progress of the students.

Doctoral students who have overstayed their courses; some students have not finished their doctoral programs although they should have completed. Many reasons contribute to the failure of students to finish their courses in time. From these individuals, it would be exciting to know whether the family support could have contributed to this fact.

Proposed Interview Questions

  1. Is the support of family essential in doctoral persistence in the court of the pursuit of a doctoral degree?
  2. Kindly describe the nature of support that an international student receives from families. What is the impact of this support on the lives of international students?
  3. From experience that you have as an international student, what do you think are some of the challenges that international students face which make the support of families and important aspect in the pursuit of doctoral programs?
  4. If an international student does not receive any form of support from their families back at home, what are some of the effects that this could have on the doctoral persistence of the students?
  5. Finally, if the students do not receive support from home, what are some of the strategies that they can put in place to make sure that they do not suffer from the effects of such an eventuality?
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engl 1301

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